How to replace Saturn Relay cabin filter

How to replace Saturn Relay cabin filter. This is for Saturn Relay from year 2005, 2006 and 2007.

For Saturn Relay is Required 2 filter per Vehicle. To change this filter follow the next steps:

  • Locate Saturn Relay cabin filter
  • Saturn Relay cabin air filters is located inside of the car on the passenger side under glove compartment.
  • Change Saturn Relay cabin air filter
  • Open passenger door and the open Saturn Relay glove compartment.Locate Saturn Relay cabin air filter
  • Remove access panel by push up on tab an the pull access panel out.
  • Open filter housing cover by push on left and right tab.
  • Remove Saturn Relay first filter and then slide second filter to the right and then pull cabin air filter out.
  • Replace Saturn Relay cabin filter in reverse order, first time second filter and the first filter. Make sure foam is angled in same direction for both filters.Change Saturn Relay cabin air filter
  • Reassemble all pieces back in place.

Why is necessary to replace Saturn Relay cabin air filter?

The pollen filter is designed to remove much of the dust, pollen, pollutants and bacteria penetrate into the interior, protecting the health of passengers and in particular children. In general, it is advisable to change cabin filter every 25.000 miles and especially spring due to accumulations of dirt and moisture in autumn / winter. Besides the health aspect also contributes to the comfort and driver visibility filters were used as effects, odor and misting particularly humid days.

Source: Saturn Relay service owner manual.

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