How to replace the oil filter on Mercury Mountaineer V8

DIY, change the oil and service the oil filter on your Mercury Mountaineer. This process is similar on models equipped with the 4.6L V8 engines, produced between the years 2002 and 2005. The process is quite easy, especially if you follow the steps below.

The replacement process will require a new oil filter, a 16 mm wrench, an oil filter wrench and preferably an oil drip pan:

     1. Oil filter location on Mercury Mountaineer V8:

  • This oil filter on this car is located in front of the vehicle, beneath the engine, somehow to the driver’s side of the car, as you can see in the image below.2. How to change the oil and service the oil filter on Mercury Mountaineer V8:
  • A jack stand or an elevator are recommended to access the filter and the oil pan easier;
  • Remove the bolt of the oil pan, using a 16 mm wrench or a socket of the same size;
  • Drain the oil in a drain pan or another safe recipient;
  • Tighten back the bolt and wipe clean the area for residual oil;
  • Use an oil filter wrench to loosen and remove the old oil filter;
  • Wipe down the area where the filter screws;
  • Take the new oil filter, put some fresh oil in it and then take some and grease the gasket on top;
  • Install the new filter by twisting it clockwise first by hand, and then using the wrench;
  • Clean the area with a rag;
  • Go inside the engine compartment and fill the oil pan with fresh oil in the right amount.

Why is necessary to change the oil filter on your car? The oil filter keeps clean the oil that lubricates your engine’s parts. Because this filter is relatively inexpensive, you can replace it very simply, every time you change the oil. 

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