How to replace the gas filter on a Ford F150 1996-2002

How to replace the gas filter on a Ford F-150 from 1996-2002. If you are starting to have problems with your car as for example low power, difficult starting you should check and change the fuel filter.

Tips and advices:

  • Never change the gasoline filter when the engine is hot.
  • Release the fuel pressure from the fuel line before starting.
  • You should use eye protection.
  • Don’t smoke when changing the fuel filter.

Locate the gasoline filter

The gasoline filter is located on the driver’s side, underneath your car on the inner frame.  Just follow the fuel lines. Before starting to replace the gasoline filter you have to remove the gas cap of the fuel tank to remove the pressure to avoid the leakage of gasoline everywhere. 

Replace the gasoline filter

Locate and replace the gas filter on a Ford F150 1996-2002

You have to slip under your car, in the back. First step to replace the fuel filter is to remove the safety clips on each end of the filter. These are specific to the Ford cars, but removing them is an easy job. You only have to push them up and then slide them forward and that’s it. Then you will have to remove the fuel lines on each end of the car. Ford has a special feature on the connectors of the fuel lines so you will need a fuel line removal tools. You can find at every spare parts shop. I recommend you the one from aluminum instead of plastic. A small trick to remove the fuel lines easier: pull the fuel lines toward the tool while pushing the tool in and then pull it back. You will remove the fuel lines in just a minute. After disconnecting the fuel lines some gasoline will leak from the filter and the fuel lines. Remove the old filter and insert the new one into the bracket. The filter should show the direction of flow (a small arrow on it). Attach the fuel lines on the new filter (you should hear a small click noise) and then the safety clips. Make sure that they are secured.

This presentation was made on a 2002 Ford F 150. Other models from different years could present small differences but the basic  procedure is the same.

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