How to replace the fuel filter on a Toyota 4Runner from 1994-1997

How to replace the fuel filter on a Toyota 4Runner from 1994-1997? Keeping the engine of your car safe includes changing the fuel filter according to the car owner’s manual. You should also change the fuel filter when your vehicle is running rough.

Be aware that the fuel filter is the firewall for preventing impurities or sediments to get into your engine.

Relieve the pressure on the fuel lines by unscrewing the gas cap.

Replace Toyota 4Runner fuel filter every time you change air filter, cabin air filter and oil filter.

Locate the fuel filterToyota 4Runner fuel filter location

  • To locate the fuel filter you should first locate the fuel tank, which is underneath your vehicle, to the rear end. Trace the fuel lines until you locate the fuel filter. You should find it below the driver-side door, attached to the frame.

Replace the fuel filterChange Toyota 4Runner fuel filter

  • After you located the fuel filter you can start the replacement with a new one.
  • Loosen the clamps on the fuel lines and disconnect them.
  • Unbolt the fuel filter bracket and take the filter off.
  • Insert the new filter on the bracket and tighten the bracket.
  • Attach the fuel lines to the filter.
  • Tighten the gas cap and close the fuel tank door.
  • Start the engine and check for leakages.

There could be some differences in replacing the fuel filter depending on each car, but the procedure is the same.

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