How to replace fuel filter on a Saturn SL2 by yourself

How to replace fuel filter on a Saturn SL2 by yourself. From year 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999. 

In order to replace the fuel filter on a Saturn SL 2 you have to remove the fuel pump fuse which is located inside your car on the passenger side like you see in the picture. On the fuse box cover is fuses diagram. Look here for fuel pump fuse. After you remove the fuel pump fuse you need to start the the engine for a few minutes to drain the fuel from the system.Locate Saturn SL2 fuse box

Locate the fuel filter

The Saturn SL2 fuel filter is located under the car, to the backside, near the rear wheels.

Replace the fuel filter

  • Remove the bold that bolts the brake cable attached to the car’s body (1).
  • Remove the two bolts that hold the bracket on (2).
  • Remove the tubes from the filter by pushing on the tabs(3). Some gasoline might be leaking from the filter.
  • If you are using aftermarket filters you might have to use the bracket from the old filter. So remove the old filter from the bracket and slide back the new filter.How to replace the fuel filter on a Saturn SL2
  • Attach the bracket back on place by inserting the tubes on the fuel filter.
  • Put back the 2 bolts that secure the fuel filter housing.
  • Attach back the bolt that holds the brake cable.
  • Insert back the fuel pump fuse and start the car.
  • Look below the car for possible leakages.

Changing the fuel filter is very important if you want to protect your car engine. Read your vehicle owner manual to find out when to change the fuel filter. This operation is usually easy to do so you can do it by yourself.

We are not to be held responsible for any work you decide to do after reading this tutorial.

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