Replace Ford Mustang gasoline filter

Replace Ford Mustang gasoline filter. Changing the fuel filter on a car is a quite simple procedure. If you follow these steps you can change the fuel filter by yourself easily and economic. It will take you around 15-20 minutes. First we have to release the pressure of the filter.

Locate the gasoline filterFord mustang gasoline filter location

The gasoline filter on a Ford Mustang is located in the rear back, underneath the car and behind the gasoline tank. After you located it you have to lift the car using two jacks.

The Ford Mustang is very close to the ground. After you make sure that the car is secured you can slip underneath.

The filter is being held in place by a clamp. You will have to remove it in order to change the fuel filter.

Also at each end of the filter there are some plastic clips which held in place the tubes. These will also be removed. At some models the filter could look a little different and the clamp could be missing, but this doesn’t change the procedure too much. And instead of the plastic clips there could be a metallic connector.

Change the gasoline filterReplace the gasoline filter on a Ford Mustang

  • After we located the gasoline filter on a ford Mustang we will learn how to change it.
  • Remove the clamp from the old filter, then the plastic clips at each end. It is possible to have to use your force to remove the metallic connectors.
  • You should be careful because some gasoline will leak from the filter.
  • Without all the connectors and clamp the filter can be easily removed from the support.
  • After removing the old filter you have to insert the new one.
  • The gasoline filters usually have a flow indication on them. The flow side is going to the engine side.
  • Then you have to insert the ducts in place, until you hear a small click noise.
  • Then you only have to add the plastic clips at each end and secure the fuel filter with the clamp, if is the case. Make sure that there are no leakages.

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