Where to locate GMC Envoy fuel filter and replacement

Where to locate GMC Envoy fuel filter. Locate and replace GMC Envoy fuel filter from the year 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008?

  • Release GMC Envoy fuel filter pressureWhere to locate GMC Envoy fuel filter and replacement

Locate the fuel pump relay under the fuse box housing according to the fuse map. Start the engine and then take out the fuse. The car will run out of fuel.  Stop the engine and insert back the fuse.

  • Where to locate GMC Envoy fuel filter?

2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 GMC Envoy fuel is located on the driver side under the car. Fuel filter is located near to the fuel tank.

  • How to replace GMC Envoy fuel filter?

Take out the cap of the pipe that is attached to the fuel filter to release the remaining pressure from the pipe. To do this push in with one screwdriver on the pipe tab. Prepare a recipe to collect the leak. Remove the first and second pipe. Use a screwdriver to release the clamp which holds the fuel filter attached to the vehicle’s body. Where to locate GMC Envoy fuel filter and replacementTake out the old GMC Envoy fuel filter and insert the new one. Tighten up the clamp. Remove the caps on the fuel filter and insert the hoses back on the fuel filter. Tighten the caps.Where to locate GMC Envoy fuel filter and replacement

Check for leakages and then start the engine.

The location of the fuel filter can be different from one car to another, but the procedure is the same. If you can’t find your fuel filter, follow the fuel pipes. The fuel filter should be replaced according to your owner’s manual.

After you change fuel filter, if you want to reset Reset GMC Envoy service light

When you need to change GMC Envoy fuel filter? You need to replace fuel filter like is write in your service manual. This operation is not easy and is recommended to be done in a car service.

11 thoughts on “Where to locate GMC Envoy fuel filter and replacement

  1. I have a base model 06 envoy 4.2 can’t find fuel filter, it is not near the tank. Had hard time finding temp sensor was on the back of the head on passenger side.

    1. I have the exact same year model and engine and there’s no in-line filter to be found. From the research I’ve done it appears that the later model 06’s and up do not have the in-line filter, they have the filter sock on the bottom of the fuel pump. Can anyone tell me anything different that I’m missing??

  2. I have the same vehicle with the same problem. I think it’s located inside the tank. Did you ever figure it out

  3. I have a 2004 envoy starts up runs good then starts puttering and then it will stall and then like backfire plz help

  4. From what i understand the fuel filter is connected with the fuel pump, so it seems you would have to drop the tank at least enough to pull the pump assembly out of the gas tank. I’m not 100% sure what years used this snd which didn’t, but if you don’t see a filter either in front or back/ right around the tank then it must be in the fuel pump. Consult with a professional or check with your manual, but I was told this when I too could not locate the filter anywhere.

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