How to locate and change Dodge Dakota fuel filter from 1987-1996

How to locate and change Dodge Dakota fuel filter from 1987-1996. 

Before starting to replace the fuel filter on Dodge Dakota you should remove the fuel pump relay. To do so open the hood from engine compartment and remove the cover of the fuse box. Find the relay of the fuel pump and take it out. Then start the engine and let it die. Now you know that the pressure is out of the system.Remove Dodge Dakota fuel pump relay

Where to locate Dodge Dakota fuel filter

The fuel filter is located under your car, on the driver’s side left frame rail. If you still can’t find the location of the fuel filter, the best option is to look at your gas tank and look for the fuel tube that comes out of it and follow their trail.

How to change Dodge Dakota fuel filterHow to locate and change Dodge Dakota fuel filter from 1987-1996

  • Unscrew the bolt that holds the fuel filter attached to the car’s body.
  • Remove the screws from the pipes that come into the fuel filter.
  • Remove the bracket and the two pipes from each side of the fuel filter. Remember how the old filter is installed.
  • Always be careful when removing the fuel filter because a small quantity of fuel is always leaking from the hoses.
  • Install the new fuel filter and secure it in the bracket.
  • Insert the two pipes/hoses and secure them back to the filter.
  • Put back the fuel pump relay. Insert the cover back on. Connect the battery if you disconnected it.
  • Start the engine and let it run a little.
  • Look under the car for leakages.

This tutorial was made on a Dodge Dakota from 1992. Your car may be different, but the procedure should be the same.

We are not responsible for any damage caused by intervention on the machine after viewing this tutorial. We recommend that all interventions to be made in an authorized service.

This tutorial is for Dodge Dakota first generation 1987-1996

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