Ford Focus cabin air filter location

Ford Focus cabin air filter location. From year  2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

Here you can find how to locate Ford Focus pollen filter when you need to replace.

Where is located cabin air filter on a Ford Focus. 

Maintenance of a car differ from a vehicle to another. If you car service is approaches, below you can see how to change air conditioning filter.

If you need to replace your air cabin filter, you can find here where this is located.

Cabin air filter on Ford Focus is located outside of car on the passenger side. To replace this filter you need to follow the next instructions.

  • Remove the wipers of place the windshield wipers in upright position and open the hood.
  • Look on the passenger side of cowl. Here is located Ford Focus cabin air filter. To have access on it undo clips by pushing in on front of clips(see picture).

Where is located Ford Focus cabin air filter

  • On fastener, in center of cowl you find a cap, remove it by unscrew and pull out.
  • Remove cowl from the passenger side by sliding out.
  • Here you be able to see Ford Focus cabin air filter – see picture belleow. Remove old filter and replace with the new one.

How to replace Ford Focus cabin air filter

  • Put back cowl on the passenger side.

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For more guidance feel free to ask about how to replace the air conditioning filter for Ford Focus.

Find more information about where is located cabin air filter or air conditioning filter for Ford

If you want to reset service light reminder on Ford Focus click here.

How to locate if you need to change cabin air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, pollen filter, dust filter or air filter on Ford Focus.

Pictures can be different from one car to another but the procedure is the same.

Why is necessary to replace the cabin air filter? Is necessary to replace this filter to protect you and your passenger from bad odors, some allergen, from pollen and is very important if somebody from your car is allergic to pollen, dust and other particle.


30 thoughts on “Ford Focus cabin air filter location

  1. I removed the cowl as described but there’s no cabin air filter there! Seems like the 2010 Ford Focus SEL just doesn’t have one!

    1. I will check to see if this model have a cabin air filter.
      If you find cabin air filter please leave us a reply with the location.

  2. I agree. No filter on 2011 Ford Focus sel … None under cowl in engine compartment….none by passenger foot area…….. None behind the glove compartment…… I’m at a loss. Parts store did sell me one that about 4 inches by 10 inches. …
    Can anyone help ?

      1. Diva Google search on 2011 Ford Focus (I used 2005 Ford Focus ZX4 which is mine but it showed a 2011) and in the videos themselves, it showed the canon air filter at the back of the center console. Shows you have to remove the cover using two yellow finger screws, from over the fuse box, then it shows it from the passenger side, at the back of the center console. Hope it is the one you need.

  3. I know this is almost a year later, but I just watched a video showing the cabin air filter is located behind the center console. Do a Google search for 2011 Ford Focus and in the videos, it shows it there.

  4. Hello, I searched and removed the screws, where cabin air filter should be?
    All the work and no filter found? All I found was plastic all connected into whole vent system, I proceeded to remove more screws where lower vent shaft should have been the air filter? Nothing, fake plastic cover plate. I wondered could the ford focus manufactures erred in the vent shaft hole being uncut. Air in cabin only flows from outside vent. So could also the outside cowl of the car, underneath the windshield be the only place of service of cutting and fitting a filter, and cover plate the outer vent hole?
    Come on Ford Manufacturers let’s get these things up to safety and specs.
    I mean no car cabin filter system, this explains my family and myself had asthma problems.?? What tf?

    1. This is exactly the same proplem i had with This f. Car, the air condition filter shuld be in a clear earea and easy to replace But ford is rely stuped in This point.

  5. I have a 2005 ford focus zx4. I removed the plastic as it was written and there was no filter. I also check in the car but it seems like 2005 just dont have one?! Some one to help? Thanks!!

  6. I have a 2006 focus, 2.0L ZX4 and I can’t locate mine. Anyone know where I can find it? I looked in both under the wipers and behind the glove box.

  7. I have a 2007 ford focus. I cannot see also the cabin filter or the air conditioned filter that with other cars we used to clean from time to time.

  8. Smelling bad carbon fumes inside cabin vehicle …! The same here …where is the cabin air filter in the 2007 Ford Focus SE …???

  9. I found the spot where its supposed to be on my 2009 Focus, but there is no filter. There is a cage for one, but it’s factory sealed and empty. I should have believed the owners manual! Perhaps could do a little more research.

  10. It’s my understanding that the 2008-2011 models do not have an actual cabin air filter (just basic mesh under the cowl to prevent large debris such as leaves from the air intake). This was likely a cost-cutting decision by Ford when they updated the Ford Focus for the North American market. The older models have an actual air filter (to filter smaller particles like pollen).

    1. Is there a way to adapt a cabin air filter assembly from another ford focus to install a cabin air filter?

  11. That’s crazy! Even the 2011 Owner Manual states to change the cabin air filter every 12 months even though there isn’t one. There is definitely a screened mesh under the cowl passenger side under the wiper/hood. Three clips removed, but no filter and only a screened mesh.

  12. Confirmed: 2006 ZX3 has no cabin air filter, just the wire mesh under the hood, under the passenger side cowl.

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