How to decrease your car fuel consumption

If you want to reduce the car fuel consumption is very important to keep in mind several things.

Be sure you have a clean air filter – a dirty filter restricts air flow of air into the engine, which harms performance and economy.

Air filters are easy to check and change, remove the filter and hold it towards the light – find how to change and replace you car air filter on If You do not see light through it, you need a new air filter Take Into account a permanent filter that can be cleaned and not changed; are much less restrictive than paper filters, plus they are much better for the environment.Clean air filter

After air filter, tires inflated little is one of the most overlooked causes of high fuel consumption. Buy a device to check the pressure in the tires, check your tires when they are cold (driving the car warms up the tires and the air within them, thereby increasing the pressure) and keep them properly inflated. Use pressures of the car owner manual.

As speed increases, fuel consumption increases. Try walking speed limit for a few days. You will save a lot of fuel and your roads. Will take about as much.Decrease car fuel consumption

Wheels and new tires may seem beautiful and definitely will improve vehicle handling. But if they are wider that the factory tires, chances are that it creates greater resistance to running and increase fuel consumption. If you improve rims and tires, keep the old ones. These are useful and help save fuel when traveling longer.

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