Common cars dashboard warning – alert lights

Common cars dashboard warning – alert lights. Messages transmitted from the car dashboard lights are different. It is important to know what steps should be taken when a warning light is lit on board.

Types of dashboard warning lights:

Information lights dashboard symbols – are usually green or blue or white and shows that the indicated system is on.

Dashboard warning lights symbols – is yellow or orange and need your attention. This mean your car need to be serviced or need repair soon.

Dashboard alert lights symbols – is red and this mean your car have serious problem or safety issue.

Dashboard warning lights:

Front fog light Front fog light.
Power steering warning light Power steering warning light
Rear fog light Rear fog light
Washer fluid is low. Washer fluid is low.
Brake pad warning Brake pad warning.
Cruise control is on Cruise control is on.
Direction indicators Direction indicators.
Rain and light sensor Rain and light sensor.
Winter mode Winter mode.
Information indicator Information indicator
Glow plug- diesel pre-heated warning Glow plug- diesel pre-heated warning
Frost warning Frost warning
Ignition switch warning Ignition switch warning.
Key not in vehicle Key not in vehicle.
Key fob battery low Key fob battery low.
Distance warning Distance warning.
Press clutch pedal Press clutch pedal
Press brake pedal Press brake pedal.
Steering lock warning Steering lock warning.
Main beam Headlights Main beam Headlights.
Tire pressure is low Tire pressure is low.
Sidelight information Sidelight information.
Exterior light fault Exterior light fault.
Brake light warning Brake light warning.
Diesel particulate filters warning Diesel particulate filters warning.
Trailer tow hitch warning Trailer tow hitch warning.
Air suspension warning Air suspension warning.
Lane departure warning Lane departure warning.
Catalytic converter warning Catalytic converter warning.
Seat belt is not on Seat belt is not on.
Parking brake light Parking brake light.
Battery or alternator warning Battery or alternator warning.
Parking assist Parking assist.
Service required Service required – other problems.
Adaptive lighting Adaptive lighting
Headlight range control Headlight range control.
Rear spoiler warning Rear spoiler warning.
Convertible roof warning Convertible roof warning.
Airbag warning Airbag warning.
Handbrake warning Handbrake warning.
Water in fuel filter Water in fuel filter.
Airbag deactivated Airbag deactivated.
Fault problem Fault problem.
Dipped beam headlights Dipped beam headlights.
Dirty air filter Dirty air filter.
Eco driving indicator Eco driving indicator.
Hill descent control Hill descent control.
Temperature warning Temperature warning.
ABS Warning ABS Warning.
Fuel filter warning Fuel filter warning.
Door open Door open.
Bonnet open Bonnet open.
Low fuel Low fuel.
Automatic gearbox warning Automatic gearbox warning.
Speed limiter Speed limiter.
Suspension dampers Suspension dampers.
Oil pressure low Oil pressure low.
Windscreen defrost Windscreen defrost.
Boot open Boot open.
Stability control off Stability control off.
Rain sensor Rain sensor.
Engine – emissions warning Engine – emissions warning.
Rear window defrost Rear window defrost.
Auto windscreen wiping Auto windscreen wiping.

Common cars dashboard warning – alert lights

This is symbols for more common dashboard symbol.


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