Chevy TrailBlazer fuel filter location and replacement

Chevy TrailBlazer fuel filter location. How to replace Chevy TrailBlazer fuel filter from the year 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008?

  • Release Chevy TrailBlazer fuel filter pressure:

Open the fuse box from under the hood. Locate for the fuel pump relay according to the fuse map. Start the engine and then take out the fuse. The car will run out of fuel. Shut down the engine and insert back the fuse.Chevy TrailBlazer fuel filter

  • Locate Chevy TrailBlazer fuel filter

The Chevy TrailBlazer fuel filter from the year 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 is located under the car, on the driver side. The fuel filter is located near the fuel tank.Chevy TrailBlazer fuel filter location

  • Replace Chevy TrailBlazer fuel filterChevy TrailBlazer fuel filter replacement

Remove the cap on the pipe that is attached to the fuel filter to release the remaining pressure on the pipe by pushing in with one screwdriver on the pipe tab. Some fuel will leak so you should have prepared a recipient for it. Remove the first pipe, and then the second one. Use a screwdriver to loosen the clamp that holds the fuel filter attached to the vehicle’s body. Take out the old fuel filter and insert the new one. Tighten up the clamp. Remove the caps on the fuel filter and insert the hoses back on the fuel filter. Tighten the caps.

Check for leakages and start the engine. The location of the fuel filter can be different from one car to another, but the procedure is the same. If you can’t find your fuel filter, follow the fuel pipes. The fuel filter should be replace according to your owner’s manual.

After you change fuel filter, if you want to reset Reset Chevy TrailBlazer service light

When you need to change Chevy TrailBlazer fuel filter? You need to replace fuel filter like is write in your service manual. This operation is not easy and is recommended to be done in a car service.

11 thoughts on “Chevy TrailBlazer fuel filter location and replacement

  1. 2006 Chevy trailblazer LS
    Isn’t located in front of fuel tank nor rear. I see the fuel lines running on top of the tank but no fuel filter

    1. I just had same problem. there is no filter. it is actually a fuel screen and that bad boy is in the fuel tank as part of the fuel pump assembly. Si I got a new fuel pump from Rockauto for 70.00 and dropped the tank and replaced the whole unit. time consuming but is gonna be worth it in the long run. it fix the fuel gauge problem I been having.

  2. Apparently the fuel filter is an integral part of the fuel pump sending unit that is inside the fuel tank there is no external fuel filter from 2003 through 2008

    1. Then why does the tech support and internet and mechanics and auto supply say there is one from 2003-2005 in 06 up there is not.

  3. Don’t forget to change your turn signal fluid, too!

    Just kidding, but this site is an absolute joke. Chevy stopped using fuel filters in 2005 for the TrailBlazer. 2006 and beyond utilize a filter that’s actually in the gas tank.

    You’d think the top-notch mechanics behind a website like would understand that, but it turns out, no, they don’t.

    Hopefully this saved you some time from searching if you’re working on a 2006 or beyond Blazer.!

  4. Yes i have a 2007 trailblazer, had leak on top of fuel pump got a replacment from rockauto, then watched Youtube of different people changing there pump, I thought no problem i might as well get a filter as well,so where is the bloody thing could not find it any where but they ALL found theirs,After great hassle of the removal and installation of the new pump so what am i going to do for a filter and not noticing till after the old pump look like some kind of filter on it, So what did i just put in? Don’t have time to take the Bloody thing of again so can i install an inline filter at the end fuel connection at the tank? Pain in the a—

  5. I just (8/28/2021) changed the fuel filter in my 2003 Trailblazer LS. It’s located exactly as stated in the article above. The entire job took fewer than 30 minutes from the time I put the TB on the lift until I put it on the ground.

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