How to replace Saturn Astra cabin air filter

How to replace Saturn Astra cabin air filter. From year 2008 and 2009. On Saturn Astra, in normal operating conditions, cabin air filter need to be changed every 25.000 miles.

Where is located Saturn Astra cabin air filter?

Saturn Astra cabin air filter is located inside of the car on the passenger side under glove compartment.

How to replace Saturn Astra cabin air filter? To change Saturn Astra cabin air filter follow these steps:

  • Open the glove compartment and here remove 4 screws how secure glove compartment to the dashboard.Saturn Astra cabin air filter location
  • Use a screw drive to detach the lamp from the glove compartment and then disconnect the electrical connector.
  • Remove Saturn Astra glove compartment. In next order remove: passenger side instrument panel, padding lower inner panel retaining bolts and then the panel.Remove Saturn Astra glove compartment
  • Remove the same the passenger side footwell air duct and then remove Saturn Astra body rivet.
  • To access cabin air filter you need first time to remove cabin air filter housing cover. To do this remove access cover retaining screws then remove the cover. Now you can see cabin air filter.Remove Saturn Astra cabin air filter housing cover
  • Remove old Saturn Astra cabin air filter by pulling out and insert the new one with the air flow indicating arrow in the correct position.Change Saturn Astra cabin air filter
  • Install cabin air filter housing cover, install passenger side footwell air duct, install body rivet.
  • Install glove compartment lamp and connect the electrical connector.
  • Put Saturn Astra glove compartment to the dash panel and install the 4 glove compartment retaining screws.
  • Install on the passenger side instrument padding lower inner panel.

Why is necessary to replace the cabin air filter?

The pollen filter is designed to remove much of the dust, pollen, pollutants and bacteria penetrate into the interior, protecting the health of passengers and in particular children. In general, it is advisable to change cabin filter every 25.000 miles and especially spring due to accumulations of dirt and moisture in autumn / winter. Besides the health aspect also contributes to the comfort and driver visibility filters were used as effects, odor and misting particularly humid days.

Source: Service owner manual.

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