DIY, change the pollen filter on Nissan Sentra 2000-2006

Do it yourself, change the cabin air filter on your Nissan Sentra, the car produced in the years 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. This replacement is very simple and it requires only a Phillips screwdriver.

          1. How to locate the pollen filter on Nissan Sentra 2000-2006?

  • The cabin air filter on this Nissan model is located inside the vehicle, behind the glove box, on the passenger’s side, as you can see below.2. How to replace the pollen filter on Nissan Sentra 2000-2006?
  • Open the front door, on the passenger’s side;
  • Open the glove box;
  • Push on one side of the glove compartment to the interior, in order to detach it from its stopping tabs;
  • Remove the glove box away;
  • Remove the four screws at the top, using a Phillips screwdriver, in order to take out the plastic cover;
  • Pull out the plastic cover;
  • Pull the two little tabs of the cabin air filter cover towards you;
  • Pull out and remove the old air filter;
  • Clean the filter compartment for dust and dirt;
  • Install a new pollen filter oriented with the air flow arrows down, as seen in the next picture;
  • Reinstall the covers and the glove box to finish the repair.3.Why is necessary to replace the cabin air filter regularly?

The cabin air filter cleans and purifies the air that enters into the cockpit of your car. Its purpose is to stop impurities, bad smells, pollen or dust from entering the car, improving the quality of the air inside. This can be a very good thing especially for those who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems. So, change the pollen filter at least once a year or according to the owner manual of your car.

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  1. Hello I just replaced my incabin filter and the Nissan sentra manual says “arrow pointing upward.” Please help thanks ps the filter cost me $27

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