How to change the oil and the oil filter on Cadillac CTS V6 2003-2010

Do it yourself, service the oil and the oil filter on your Cadillac CTS, the model equipped with the 2.8L V6 engine, made between 2003 and 2010. The process is not that difficult and it can be done using a 13 mm wrench, an oil drain pan and a 24 mm socket wrench. If you lift the car on an elevator, you should be able to finish the task in less than half an hour.

     1. Oil filter location on Cadillac CTS V6 2003-2010:

  • The oil filter on your CTS can be accessed from the engine compartment; It is located on the driver’s side, to the right of the engine, as you can see in the picture below.2. How to change the oil and service the oil filter on Cadillac CTS V6 2003-2010:
  • We recommended you to use a jack stand or an elevator, in order to access the filter and the oil pan drain plug easier;
  • Remove the drain plug using a 13 mm wrench or a socket;
  • Drain the oil in a drain pan placed underneath;
  • Tighten the bolt back and clean any oil leftovers in the area with a rag;
  • Lower the car on the ground and pop up the hood;
  • Using a 24 mm socket, remove the oil filter (cartridge style);
  • Let the filter drip out then simply pull out the cartridge;
  • Push right in the new filter and swap the old o-ring with a new one;
  • Reinstall the oil filter assembly onto your car by twisting it clockwise until is seated and then by tightening it with the socket; 
  • Clean the area with a rag for any residual oil;
  • Fill the oil pan with fresh oil in the right amount.

Why is necessary to service the oil filter? The purpose of the oil filter is to keep clean the oil that lubricates your engine’s parts. Any residue that passes this filter can cause severe damage to the engine, so consider changing it regularly, at least every time you change the oil.

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