How to change the fuel filter on a Volkswagen Jetta?

How to change the fuel filter on a Volkswagen Jetta?If you want to change the fuel filter on your Volkswagen Jetta all you have to do is to follow these simple steps:

Prepare the necessary tools

To replace the fuel filter on a Volkswagen Jetta you will need:

  • torx of T30 BIT
  • ratchet with 10 mm socket and 6” extension for it
  • torx wrench for 3-5 Nm.

Also you will need to buy the new filter according to your car’s specifications. The filter fuel may vary depending on the year or details of your car. For example the Volkswagen Jetta manufactured in the period 2009 – August 2010 uses two hole wide mouth filter and the ones manufactured after this date uses a one hole narrow filter. There is also the third type of fuel filter which is larger than the other ones. One of the first two types has a visiting small hole looked with a screw.VW Jetta fuel filters typesIf your housing looks like in the picture for Type 1 or 2, your filter will look like this:Jetta fuel filter types

Locate the fuel filter

The fuel filter for diesel model is located under the hood, on the right side close to the engine compartment. For the gasoline types the filter is located near the rear wheel on the right side.

For the gasoline types you should take out the fuse on the gasoline pump so that the gasoline won’t leak during the replacement.

Replace the filter

If your fuel filter has a visiting hole sealed with a screw you will have to remove it first and do the water service procedure mentioned in the service manual.

To do this you will need a sucking pump and suck about 100 ml of fuel which is being assumed that it contains water. After that you should insert the screw back on and open the other five screws by using a torx T30 screwdriver. Remove the cap of the filter housing. If you have the filter with the o-ring on it you will see it on the filter just after removing the cap of the housing.Locate and replace VW Jetta fuel filter

Take out the old filter and insert the new one.  If you see in the filter housing some metal particles you should take the car to a service garage. Also you should clean the filter housing before inserting the new fuel filter. Don’t forget to put the small o-rings on the filter and also to put the big o-ring on the cap of the filter housing. The technicians recommend filling the compartment of the filter with fuel so that you won’t defuse the pump.

If you forget is not such a big problem because you can do it after you finish using the key ignition for 3-4 times. After you introduced the new filter you have to put the cap on the housing back on and to put the five screws back on. Now all you have to do is to start the engine and check everything for possible leakages. 

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