How to change the fuel filter on a Skoda Fabia

How to change the fuel filter on a Skoda Fabia? Follow these steps to change the fuel filter on a Skoda Fabia without breaking the clips of the tubes. You only need a new filter (make sure that is according to your car’s specifications) and a screwdriver.

Locate the fuel filter

The fuel filter on a Skoda Fabia is located on the right side in the back of the car. In order to see it you have to bend over and look under the car, near the wheel. You can’t miss not seeing it. Once you locate the filter you will also see the clamp collar that holds the filter mounted on the car’s body.

Break loose the filter

Break out the clamp collar that holds the filter, it has a star shape screw. After you finish this procedure, you have to remove the flexible tubes from the filter. To do this, please press on the blue “button”. You have to find the place where the blue thing is connecting with the rest of the plastic that hold tight the flexible tube. Pay attention not to move them in one way or another because they can easily break. If you broke all the clamps and the rings that seal on the inside a solution is to buy the tube with the plastic bushes, to cut it and adapt with tubes or clamp collars. Or if you find the entire layout of the plastic tubes you only have to mount-dismount them from the engine compartment and that’s it.

Remove the fuel filter and mount the new one

How to change the fuel filter on a Skoda Fabia

When you remove the tubes you should pay attention on how they are connected with the filter. Now take put the old filter. The filter has a fuse on one end. Take it out, but remember where it was placed. Then take out a small piece with a socket in the middle. That piece has a small round gasket. Remove it and replace it with the new one.  Now take the new filter, mount the other new gasket from the package in the head, mount the small piece with the socket in the middle and insert the fuse back on its place.  Then mount again the collar clamp in order to connect the new fuel filter on the car’s and connect all the tubes like on the old filter. Pay attention when you insert all the tubes to push them until the end (you will hear a small noise).

Check the installation

After securing the new gasoline filter in his special place you have to check if you mounted it correctly. To do so, use the key on the engine 2-3-4 times so that the gasoline will go into the filter, then check if there are some leakages on some place. Start the engine and race it a little bit until you are sure that it works properly.

Pay attention that some Fabia cars has the regulator built-in (the small piece with the socket in the middle). If this also is your case, when you buy the filter you should also buy the regulator.

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