How change the fuel filter on GMC Sierra 2001-2003

DIY, change the fuel filter on your GMC Sierra 2500 HD. This is the replacement procedure for models made between the years 2001 and 2003. This filter fits a large variety of GM car models, but make sure you buy the right one for your car.

In order to service this filter, you will require a 16 mm wrench, an adjustable wrench and about half an hour. Follow the steps below to do it easier:

    Fuel filter location on your GMC Sierra 2001-2003:

  • The fuel filter on this car is located on the driver’s side, underneath the rear door, as you can see in the next image.How to replace the fuel filter on your GMC Sierra 2001-2003:
  • Start the engine of the car because you need to relieve the pressure in the fuel system;
  • Locate and unplug the relay for the fuel pump (use the relay diagram if needed); By doing that, the engine will stop, draining most of the fuel on the system;
  • Lift the car on a jack stand or an elevator to access the filter easier (optional step to make the replacement a lot easier);
  • Use a 16 mm wrench with an adjustable wrench to loosen the nuts that secure the filter on both sides (use the 16 mm wrench on the nut marked with the red arrow in the picture below and the adjustable on the blue one);
  • Pull the fuel line out of the clips (we find it easier to work with the one on the right, towards the cabin) and then pull it back and out of the filter (some fuel stored in the filter might come out);
  • Once you remove the fuel line, you will be able to slide the filter out;
  • Install the replacement filter, positioning it with the flow arrow facing the front of the car (as you can see next);
  • Install the back fuel line first;
  • Then the one on the right (you might find it difficult, because you may need to pull on the filter to the back, to be able to insert it);
  • Tighten the nuts and secure the fuel filter;
  • Make sure you mop up any residual fuel that came out when you changed the filter;
  • Plug back the relay for the fuel pump.

Why should you change the fuel filter? The fuel filter stops impurities found in the fuel you use on your car, thus keeping your fuel pump and engine running smoothly. Debris can clog this filter up over time, if you do not change it, causing the fuel pump to work harder and shortening its lifetime. Engines can also be damaged by impurities in the fuel. So, replace this filter regularly, to make sure this never happens.

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