How to change Ford F 150 oil filter and engine oil.

How to change Ford F 150 oil filter and engine oil. Ford F 150 engine oil need to be changed every 20.000 miles. Here you can see how to change engine oil end engine oil filter. Before you start to change this you need to warm your F 150 engine so that all the used oil drain more easily.

To change F 150  from year 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 engine oil and engine oil filter you need to follow next steps:

  • Fix a oil collection container under oil drain plug and remove this.
  • Remove oil fill cap. Is good to do this for oil to drain more fast and more easily.How to replace Ford F 150 engine oil
  • Locate oil filter. Look on the picture bellow to see where is locatet Ford F 150 oil filter.
  • Remove oil filter. Leave some minutes  and after all oil was leaked put the oil drain plug back and install new F 150 oil filter.
  • Use a funnel to insert new oil in the engine. To know how much oil to put in the engine see your car service manual. Engine oil capacity and oil type is different from F 150 model to another.Change Ford F150 oil filter
  • After you finish insert new engine oil start your car engine for 5 minutes and then check for leaks.
  • Use your dipstick to check  Ford F 150 engine oil level and ad more oil if is necessary.Check Ford F 150 oil level


Do not force the car engine.

Keep the engine to idle for 2-5 minutes so that the anointing is done.

After 1-2 days of exchanging check the oil level using the dipstick. The oil level must be between Min and Max area on the dipstick.

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  1. I have a Ford F-150 with an engine 5.0 made in 2011, I bought the oil filter. Now i want to buy the oil engine, but i don’t know many gallons of oil fit in my motor.

    Can you tell me what is the correct engine oil volume for my Ford F-150 ?

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