How to change engine oil and oil filter on Toyota Sienna from 2006-2010

How to change engine oil and oil filter on Toyota Sienna from 2006-2010?

Before starting to change the oil and oil filter on a vehicle you should make sure that you have the right oil filter, an oil drain pan and the necessary tolls you will need. Replacement of the oil and oil filter should always be done with the engine shut-down.

Locate the oil filter and engine oil pan

  • The oil filter should be changed each time you change the oil and according to your car owner’s manual.
  • The oil filter could be different from a car to another.
  • The oil filter could also look different. Some filters come inside the housing and some filter are from paper and the housing stays attached to the car.
  • The oil filter is located below the engine, on the passenger’s side. Locate the engine oil drain pan which is underneath the car, directly under the engine.

Replace the oil and oil filter

Use a floor jack to lift the car up, on the passenger’s side. Lie on your back and slide under the car, right near the tyre located on the passenger’s side. You should see a metal cylinder and the oil pan. Inside that cylinder is located the oil filter.

After you located the oil pan, put a drain pan below it to drain all the old oil on it. Now loosen the drain plug with a wrench and wait for the oil to drain into the pan. engine oil and oil filter on Toyota Sienna from 2006-2010

Unscrew the cylinder, but make sure that you are not just underneath it because there will be some oil leakage. Change the O-rings that come with the new filter. Use your hand to tighten the new filter inside the housing. Be careful not to damage it.How to change engine oil and oil filter on Toyota Sienna from 2006-2010.

Tighten the drain plug back on the oil pan.

Open the hood and unscrew the oil cap. Pour the necessary quantity of new oil. Check the engine oil drip stick to see if you have enough engine oil. Do not overfill the oil because it could bring damages to your car.

Check your car owner’s manual to see the proper quantity of oil and the right oil filter part number.

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