Change Dodge Journey cabin air filter

Change Dodge Journey cabin air filter from year 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. Dodge Journey cabin air filter should be replaced every 12.000 miles.

To replace Dodge Journey cabin air filter follow the next steps:

  • Open Dodge Journey glove compartment and push inward on the sides of the glove compartment bin, then lower the door.
  • Pivot the glove compartment downward and detach the hooks form the instrument panel.Change Dodge Journey cabin air filter
  • Remove Dodge Journey glove compartment.
  • Release the two tabs retaining the cabin airĀ  filter cover to the A/C-heater housing then remove the cover.
  • Remove Dodge Journey cabin airĀ  filter element from the A/C-heater housing.Replace Dodge Journey cabin air filter
  • Install new Dodge Journey cabin air filter element into A/C-heater housing. Ensure the cover tabs are properly engaged.
  • Position the glove compartment to the instrument panel.
  • Slide the glove compartment dampener retaining clip rear-ward into the glove compartment bin clip hole.
  • Engage the glove compartment hooks to the instrument panel then tilt the glove compartment upward.
  • Push inward on the side of the glove compartment bin and seat the bin into the instrument panel.
  • Close the glove compartment door.

Why you should replace Dodge Journey cabin air filter?

Dodge Journey pollen filter is designed to remove much of the dust, pollen, pollutants and bacteria penetrate into the interior, protecting the health of passengers and in particular children. In general, it is advisable to change cabin filter every 12.000 miles and especially spring due to accumulations of dirt and moisture in autumn / winter. Besides the health aspect also contributes to the comfort and driver visibility filters were used as effects, odor and misting particularly humid days.

Source: Dodge Journey service owner manual.

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