How to change the cabin air filter on Honda Odyssey 1999-2004

This is how you can change the cabin air filter on your Honda Odyssey. The below step by step tutorial is for models produced in the years 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. The whole replacement process of this filter might take you more than a half an hour. You can use a Phillips screwdriver and an 8 mm socket wrench to do it.

          1. Where is located the cabin air filter on Honda Odyssey 1999-2004?

  • The cabin air filter on this car is located in a compartment behind the glove box, as you can see in the picture below.2. How to replace the cabin air filter on Honda Odyssey 1999-2004?
  • Open the door on the front, on the passenger’s side;
  • Open the glove box compartment;
  • Remove the stops of the glove box by pushing them inside with your fingers, as you can see in the next image;
  • Remove the plastic cover beneath the glove box, on the right, to the exterior of the car, held by a small plastic clip;
  • Undo the two Phillips screws that secure the glove box at the bottom, at its extremities;
  • Pull out the glove box;
  • Remove the Phillips screw and the 8 mm bolt seen in the image below;
  • Pull the metal bar aside, in order to gain access to the filter’s compartment;
  • Remove the lid of the cabin air filter compartment;
  • Pull out the old filter;
  • Clean the compartment thoroughly, for dust and debris;
  • Install the new filter with the air flow arrow pointing towards the driver, towards the left side of the vehicle;
  • Reinstall the lid of the filter’s compartment;
  • Place back the metal bar and secure it with its fasteners;
  • Reinstall the glove box and the plastic cover beneath it.3.Why is necessary to replace the cabin air filter regularly?

Make sure you replace this filter regularly, in order to stop impurities, bad smells, pollen or dust from entering your car. It can make a difference for those who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems.

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