How to change the cabin air filter on Ford Escape 2008-2012

DIY, change the cabin air filter on your Ford Escape, if it’s the model made between the years 2008 and 2012. This is an easy tutorial for a replacement that can be done in less than 5 minutes, using only a Phillips screwdriver.

     1. Where is located the cabin air filter on your Ford Escape 2008-2012?

  • You should find the cabin filter on your Escape in a plastic box, beneath a plastic cowl under the windshield, on the passenger’s side of the car, as you can see below.2. How to replace the cabin filter on your Ford Escape 2008-2012?
  • Lift the hood of the car;
  • Go beneath the windshield, on the passenger’s side and work on the plastic push clips that hold this cowl, seen in the next picture; you will have to remove some of the push clips (about four should be enough) in order to lift that side of the cowl; unscrew the middle part of the clip using a Phillips screwdriver and then slide the whole clip out;
  • Lift up the cowl;
  • Press on the two clips that hold the plastic lid of the cabin filter box;
  • Lift the lid and access the filter;
  • Remove the old cabin air filter;
  • Clean/vacuum the box for dust or debris;
  • Install the new filter, as you can see next;
  • Place back the plastic lid;
  • Reinstall and secure the cowl with the push clips.

     3. Why is necessary to replace the cabin air filter regularly?

     The main role of this filter is to clean the air that enters your car. It should stop the impurities, the dust or the pollen from the outside air. It has also the role to stop bad smells, making the air inside the cockpit pleasant and clean. It can make a difference for those who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems and should give you a more comfortable driving and traveling experience.

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