DIY, change the air filter on Volkswagen Beetle (VW)

Do it yourself, change the air filter on your Volkswagen Beetle. The procedure described below is suitable for all the models manufactured between the years 1998 and 2010. You will require flat blade and Phillips screwdrivers to make this replacement and probably about 20 minutes of your time.

     1. Air filter location on Volkswagen Beetle 1998-2010:

  • The engine air filter on your Beetle is located inside an air box, on the driver’s side, behind the battery, as you can see in the image below;2. How to change the air filter on Volkswagen Beetle 1998-2010?
  • Open the hood of the car;
  • Use a flat blade screwdriver to loosen the clamp seen in the picture below, that secures the intake hose;
  • Loosen the small hose seen in the picture on the right;
  • Behind the air filter box, there is a Phillips screw that you also have to remove, in order to be able to pull aside the intake assembly connected to the air box;
  • Remove or simply loosen the other two Phillips screws behind the air box, that secure it;
  • Lift the lid of the box, in order to access the filter;
  • Remove the old air filter;
  • Clean inside the air box with a wet rag or vacuum it;
  • Install the new filter;
  • Place back the lid of the air box and seal it with the two screws;
  • Reinstall the small hose and the intake and secure them.

     Why do you have to replace the engine air filter regularly? This filter basically cleans the air that enters the engine. If any debris would escape into the engine, that could damage it severely. The best way to keep your engine safe and running in normal condition is to service the air filter regularly.

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