How to change the air filter on Toyota Sequoia 2001-2004

DIY, change the engine air filter on your Toyota Sequoia, very simply. The next procedure is similar for Sequoia models produced in the years 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. You won’t need tools to make the replacement, just a new air filter from your local auto parts store and less than 5 minutes.

     1. Engine air filter location on your Toyota Sequoia 2001-2004:

  • You will locate this filter inside a plastic air box, behind the headlight, on the passenger’s side of your car, as you can see below.2. How to change the engine air filter on your Toyota Sequoia 2001-2004:
  • Open and secure the hood of your car;
  • Remove the four clips that secure the lid of the air box where the filter is located (you will find them at each of the four corners of the box);
  • Lift the lid of the air box to get access to the air filter (there is no need to loosen the clamp that secure the intake hose);
  • Remove the old engine air filter, as you can see in the next image;
  • Clean the bottom of the air box for dust and debris (you can use a wet rag, a vacuum, a blower or something else);
  • Install the new filter inside the box;
  • Reinstall the lid of the air box, making sure it’s aligned correctly and seals the air filter;
  • Secure the air box with the four metal clips.

     Why it is necessary to replace the engine air filter on your car regularly? The air filter is designed to stop the dirt, debris and impurities from outside, to enter the engine of your car. It can fail to do that if it’s too old and clogged and if that happens, your engine can be damaged permanently. So, make sure you service this filter regularly, to avoid this type of problems, resulting in very expensive repairs.

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