How to change the air filter on Oldsmobile Intrigue 1998-2002

Do it yourself, change the engine air filter on your Oldsmobile Intrigue, the model produced in the years 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002.

    This is a simple replacement, that you can do in less than 15 minutes, using a 13 mm wrench or a socket wrench of the same size, with a ratchet. 

     1. How to locate the air filter:

  • The filter on you Intrigue 1998-2002 is located inside an air box, on the driver’s side of the engine compartment, as you can see below.2. How to service the air filter, step by step:
  • Open the hood of the car;
  • Remove the two 13 mm bolts that hold the metal bracket above the air box and loosen the one to the interior of the car, to be able to move the bracket away;
  • After you pull away the bracket, remove the two tabs that secure the lid of the air box containing the filter (see image below);
  • Lift up the lid and remove the old air filter;
  • Clean the bottom of the air box for dust and debris, using a vacuum cleaner, a wet rag or a blower;
  • Install the new air filter inside that compartment;
  • Align the lid of the box properly, making sure the tabs on the right side enter their grooves and the filter is sealed;
  • Secure the lid with the two metal tabs;
  • Put back the metal bracket and tighten its bolts.

     Why is necessary to service the air filter regularly? The air filter on your car is the one that prevents dust and debris from entering your engine, that can lead to serious damage. Using an old and clogged filter will increase the chances to affect the performance of your engine or even its lifetime. It is so, very important to check the quality of this filter regularly and to change it when needed.

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