How to change the air filter on Lincoln Town Car 1993-2008

DIY, change the air filter on your Lincoln Town Car. The replacement procedure is similar for models produced between the years 1993 and 2008. We will show you below how to replace this filter step by step, in no more than a couple of minutes.

        The air filter on this type of car is located on the driver’s side of the engine, behind the headlight, as you can see in the image below. It is sealed inside a plastic air box, but it can be accessed very easily.

     The filter can be replaced actually in a matter of seconds and there are no tools required to do it. Basically, all you have to do is to open and secure the hood of your car, then go above the air box holding the filter. There, you will have to remove the two metal clips shown in the picture below, that secure the lid of the box. You should be able to do it by hand, without much effort.

     Removing those clips and lifting up the lid will give you access to the filter you need to replace (see next picture). You can just pull it out. Now check the interior of the air box and clean it with a rag or vacuum it if necessary and then install back a new filter. Make sure you insert it properly and seal the air box correctly and that’s it.

     Why do you need to replace the air filter regularly? Because the air that enters the engines of modern cars must be clean. If not, dirt and debris sucked up by the engine will cause poor performance and will shorten the life of the car. So, you always need an air filter that is in good shape and clean, to make sure your car runs properly.

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