How to change the air filter on Ford F250 Super Duty 1999-2004

Do it yourself, change the air filter on your Ford F250 Super Duty, the model equipped with the 5.4L gas engine. This replacement procedure is similar on models produced by Ford between the years 1999 and 2004.

     The engine air filter replacement on this car is very, very simple and can be done in less than 5 minutes. You will not require tools, just a new air filter. 

     1. Where is located the air filter on Ford F250 Super Duty 5.4L:

  • The air filter on this car is located in a big, round air box, on the driver’s side of the engine, as you can see in the picture below.2. How to change the engine air filter on your Ford F250 Super Duty 5.4L:
  • Open the hood of the car;
  • Open by hand the clamp that secures the air box (see next image);
  • Pull and lift up the upper housing with the intake hose, to get access to the air filter;
  • Remove the old air filter from the bottom side of the air box, as you can see below;
  • Clean the air box for dirt and debris;
  • Insert the new engine air filter into the box;
  • Close the air box with the upper side, but make sure all the edges are aligned correctly, to seal the filter inside;
  • Secure the air box with the metal clamp.

     Why do you need to replace the engine air filter regularly? This filter cleans the air that enters the engine by stopping the dirt and impurities from outside. If this filter gets old, it might get clogged and it won’t accomplish that role, causing a lot of damage to your engine, resulting in very expensive repairs. Replace this filter regularly to make sure the engine of your car runs properly and to prolong its lifetime.

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  1. Where is the air continued filter /cabin filter on 2006 f350 super duty because air conditioner does always blow good

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