How to change Acura TSX engine oil and engine oil filter?

How to change Acura TSX engine oil and engine oil filter?Acura TSX oil filter location. From year 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.Here you can find how to locate Acura TSX oil filter when you need to replace.

Where is located oil filter on Acura TSX. Maintenance of a car differ from a vehicle to another. If your car service is approaches, below you can see how to change oil and oil filter.

To have access and to replace the engine oil and the oil filter on a Acura TSX follow the next instruction.

Before start to you need to have prepared the engine oil,  new oil filter, funnel to put the new oil, drain pan to collect used oil, oil filter wrench and socket sets.

If you have all this you can start replace your engine car oil. First time open the hood.

Locate oil drain plug. To access oil drain plug first time is necessary to remove protection shield and after than you can locate oil drain plug.

After that you need to position the oil drain pan under the drain plug and use the corresponding   wrench to unscrew this and drain the oil. Put the oil drain plug  back.

Where is locate Acura TSX oil drain plug

Second step is to locate the oil filter and to replace to the new one. Oil filter on Acura TSX is located under the car near to drain pan – see in picture bellow. 

Where is located Acura Tsx oil filter

To replace the old filter you need to unscrew the old filter and replace with the new one. Before put new filter back add oil in the new filter and lubricate the O-ring.

Locate and remove  oil fill cap– this is located under the hood.

Where is located Acura TSX engine oil fill cap

Find in the owner manual or on what is the capacity of your engine.Use a funnel to insert the new oil in the engine.

Replace the oil fill cap. Before mount the protection shield start the engine and inspect oil drain plug and oil filter for leaks. Locate oil dipstick, remove, wipe and take back again and read the oil level and reinsert the dipstick.

Find more information about where is located oil filter  for Acura.

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