What is a car fuel filter?

Fuel filters trap impurities in the fuel, gasoline, diesel and LPG installations even providing effective protection for certain components of the engine.

Petrol or diesel (depending on engine type Otto or Diesel) is filtered before it gets to be sent to the engine cylinders via the injectors. In tanks can accumulate debris or water can seriously affect engine operation especially in diesel engines equipped with common rail injection systems or Otto engines (petrol) direct injection into the cylinder. There are cars that have not changed since the fuel filter is incorporated in the fuel pump.

What is a fuel filter

Quality fuel filter is extremely important because it differs greatly their filtering capacity depending on the materials used and the quality of production. If the old carbureted engines

a filter that was enough to have the ability to retain particles of 70-100 microns (for comparison: a hair is 60 microns in diameter) current requirements for engines fuel filters are 10-40 microns and even a micron for diesel engines.

There is a risk that when you buy a fuel filter, the desire to save tens of lei, to have the unpleasant surprise of a few thousands of dollars damage by improper filtering that resulted in damage to the fuel injection pump or injectors.

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