How to replace car engine oil?

How to replace your car engine oil and oil filter.To keep your car running well is very important to change your car engine oil and oil filter regularly. To see what period of time do this consult owner manual for service intervals. To change engine oil and oil filter is not very hard, you need to follow some simple steps.
Before you start to change engine oil you need to be prepared with tools and supply. You need to have:

  • filter wrench
  • drip pan
  •  gloves
  • jack and jack stands 
  •  safety glasses
  •  wheel chocks
  •  clean rags
  •  engine oil
  •  oil filter
  •  funnel
  •  sealabel container
  •  grease gun

First step to replace engine oil is to drain used oil.
For this is necessary to lift up car using jacks.

Jacks and jacks stands
Second step is to start engine and leave the car to heat up a bit to get the oil warm (maximum 5 minutes).
To drain oil more easily open the hood and remove the oil cap from the top of the engine for air can flow in as the crankcase empties.

Locate oil fillin cap
Locate oil drain plug (under the car), remove this to let engine oil to drain. Be careful, engine oil may be hot.

Locate oil drain plug
Wait some minutes for oil to have time to drain and put the oil pan back in place.
After this locate the oil filter. Location of car depends from car to car. Check to see where filter oil is located.
After you locate oil filter replace this with new oil filter.
Use a funnel to ad oil in the engine to the fill hole.
Replace the fill cap and check to see if you have leaks.
Start the engine and check again for leaks.
Reset oil change light. To see how to do this follow this link –
Put the oil in a sealing container and get this to the collection site for recycling.

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  1. jim says:

    Please provide location of the oil filter on a 2015 acura mdx.

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