Locate your car filters

Where is located your car filter. Here you cand find your car filter location and how to replace.

Here you cand find where is located your car cabin air filter, pollen filter, dust filter, oil and fuel filter and how to replace.

You need to change filters on all the cars in on a certain number of miles or years depending on the type of car.

In this blog you can find articles with images that will explain step by step where to find filters and how to replace them.

32 Responses to Locate your car filters

  1. Tibor says:

    Looking filters to Chrysler Grand Voyager 2.5 CRD / 2003

  2. Alice Lemus says:

    Cant find where thr ac filter goes on my 1998 oldsmobile shillouete

  3. Anthony says:

    We’re is a 2001 tiburon cabin air filter located I looked everywhere

    • ciprian says:

      For 2001 Hyundai Tiburon the cabin air filter is installed inside the car at the right side behind the glove box.
      Filter Replacement: Open the glove box and remove it by unscrewing the fitting bolts.(pict. 1)
      Separate the jack of the glove box illumination.(pict. 2)
      Remove the cover of the cabin air filter case and take out the filter. (pict. 3)
      2001 Hyundai Tiburon cabin air filter
      The installation is done in reverse sequence of replacement. Take care about correct fitting of the filter!

  4. Mark Poxton says:


    Can you tell me where I can find the cabin and pollen filters for the mercedes w216 cl500 2007.



    • ciprian says:

      You try to look behind glove compartment. Most models there cabin filter located
      I’ll check where is located the cabin filter for Mercedes CL500 W216 and come back with an answer.
      Thank You

  5. Tony Pro says:

    1995 Ford Contour cabin filter…….WHERE?

  6. Andrew Launderville sr says:

    Location on incab filters 2008 Nissan quest

  7. Aaron says:

    I am looking for the location of the cabin filter, for a 2009 dodge caravan 25th anniversary edition. currently I have already looked behind glove box, dont see it.

  8. Marsha Lockhart says:

    Where is the fuel filter on a 2008 Nissan Maxima?

    • ciprian says:

      Hi. From what I know, starting with 2003 the fuel filter on Nissan Maxima is inside the fuel tank. Is not a separate part. So is being changed together with the fuel pump assembly. If you don’t have experience on how to do it, I don’t advice you to try. Anyway the fuel pump assembly is located under the rear seat.

  9. rachel says:

    where is the location of fuel filter on duramax trailblazer 2015 MT 2.5 ltx.

    • ciprian says:

      The fuel filter on Duramax should be located under the hood, on the passenger’s side. You can see it from the top, but you have to remove from below, behind the right front wheel. I will make a tutorial about the replacement and send you the link. Please have a look under the hood and see if you easily notice the fuel filter.


  10. Courtney says:

    I am trying to locate the oil filter on my 95 ciera cutlass. Can someone please help

  11. Joe Luther says:

    Locate a cabin filter on 2009 f350 super duty XL cab and chassis pickup.

  12. Seif says:

    Hello looking for VW touareg W12 air and ac filters .

  13. mike constant says:

    Cant locate my fuel filter 1988 lincoln town car

  14. Michelle says:

    I am looking for the cabin air filter for a Ford Explorer 2000 model 5.0l

  15. Jayray says:

    I am looking for the cabin air filter in a 2005 monte carlo

  16. Jesus says:

    Hi! I canĀ“t locate Hyundai Accent 2005 cabin air filter.

    Can you help me?


    • ciprian says:

      The 2005 Hyundai Accent cabin air filter is located under the glove box compartment. To replace cabin air filter you need to open glove box, remove both top corner retaining lugs from the inside of the box so the lid can be dropped completely. Look for cabin air filter housing cover and unclip the lid from the top section and remove. Take out the cabin air filter and replace with the new one. Look after air flow arrow to be correct positioned. Refit all components in reverse order.

  17. William says:

    Looking for the cabin air filter for a 2006 Chrysler 300 Touring 3.5. I looked at the video posted on YouTube where the filter is supposed to be and its not there..

  18. Lourdes G says:

    Where is the cabin air filter in a Ford f150 located

  19. Omar says:

    Hi, I can’t find my cabin air filter jeep liberty 2009..I didnt find in the behind glove box also..

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