Why should you change cabin air filter?

Positioned as the gateway used by the air conditioning system, stop a lot of unwanted material to enter the cockpit. From dust, pollen, insects, hair, seeds, by pebbles that can get in the air for cooling collection are all off the cabin filter.

Normally cabin filters are of two types: simple and active carbon. The single layers are made of special materials (from paper to the latest types of plastics), the activated carbon were between layers and the amount of activated carbon is effective in filtering various types of pathogens and bacteria or microorganisms that can contaminate the air inside the vehicle.

What happens as the cabin filter is clogged and gather materials mentioned above?

The air flow gradually decreases, leading in extreme cases to have the air conditioning on maximum fan speed and very little air vents out.

The period to be changed cabin filter varies according to the area moving vehicle (urban, dusty roads, country roads, passing through areas with contaminants – smoke, insects) can clog filters faster than foreseen in the vehicle manual.

Effects which indicates that the filter should be changed: misting windscreen and side windows, poor heating and cooling for more than running the fan, especially when automatically controlled climate systems.

To see how to replace the cabin filter select your car model from the right menu.

Cabin filter that needs replaced

Cabin filter that needs replaced

5 Responses to Why should you change cabin air filter?

  1. ziad says:

    please help me to locate the cabin air filter on a ford f150 model 2014

    • ciprian says:

      The filter is located under each front seat.Access the filter from the second row foot-well area. Move the front seats all the way to the full front and full up positions to ease access.
      To remove a filter:
      1. Turn the vehicle off.
      2. Push up on the outside rigid edge of the filter until the tabs are released, then remove the filter.
      To install a filter:
      1. First, position the filter in its housing making sure that the far forward end is all the way up in the housing.
      2. Push in on the center of the outside edge of the filter and rotate clockwise into the housing until it clips into position.
      2014 Ford F150 Heated and Ventilated Seats Air filter

  2. NITA JEFFRIES says:

    I need to know where my cabin filter is on my 6 Cylinder 2007 Ford 500. Please

    • ciprian says:

      Hi. Thank you for your message. Unfortunately it seems that for Ford 500 there is no cabin air filter installed. Although Ford thought about it.You can install one if you really consider it necessary. You can to follow the following steps, but please be informed that I can’t be hold responsible for any damages:
      1. You will need: a very sharp razor, aluminium HVAC duct tape and a proper air filter (check the model for Taurus or Acura).
      2. Open the glove compartment, empty it and remove the damper on the left side and then let it to easily drop down.
      3. Locate the cabin air filter mold and use the razor to cut between the lines.Try to cut straight, following the lines and just one piece. Keep the piece cut to seal the filter after installation.You will see the mounting holes for the intended cabin air filter.
      4. Insert the air filter in the housing created, with the arrow showing down.
      5. Put back the plastic material you’ve cut it out and seal it with the duct tape.
      6. Attach the glove compartment back on.

      Be careful not to cut yourself during the task with the razor or in the components of the car. Try to find the proper cabin air filter for your car. Don’t forget that installing a cabin air filter by yourself is entirely your decision and I am not to be held responsible for any possible damages or other inconveniences.

      Good luck if you decide to go on and let us know if you managed. Thanks.

  3. Ben says:

    would like to know where the cabin air filter is in my 2013 Ford Super Duty 250?

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